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Ahne, G C2625.84
Allan, K S11c11.0c2
Allan, W2827.84
Allen, C N10cAWAY2
Allen, K2020.23
Allen, R  8c8.1c2
Allez, M  6c5.8c2
Anees, W  5cAWAY1
Angliss, R A25c24.7c4
Annan, Archie4040.06
Annan, W R  9c8.9c2
Armstrong, Stuart12cAWAY2
Ash, J R20c20.2c3
Ash, T C1918.83
Ashman, A T N38c38.0c6
Austin, K V13c12.6c3
Austin, Tanner14c14.1c3
Aylmer, A J  88.42
Aylward, V J S13c12.8c3
Ayre, C M14c14.3c3
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