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  • Membership available at Royal Guernsey Golf Club
    We have a membership of over 800. The golf club also offers a full fixture diary with a wide variety of competitions to suit all. We operate regular ‘roll-ups’ throughout the year in addition to all the other competitions on offer. Royal Guernsey Golf Club welcomes applications for membership.

    Download an Application form here

    Joining Fee £750
    We appreciate the requirements to spread this initial outlay over a period of time and currently offer the following repayment plans.
    •    Plan 1 – Pay the full £750 on joining.
    •    Plan 2 – Spread the fee over up to 60 months
    A Group discount joining fee may be available for groups of 3 or above joining at the same time - please apply to the office.

    Juniors Get 1st Year Free (1st year free when joining at the same time as parent/guardian)

    Categories of membership
    Fees include club membership, green fees, all unions dues.
    •    Junior (up to 18 years)         No joining Fee.     Annual Fee £199
    •    Student (18 - 22 years)         No joining Fee*     Annual Fee £306**
    •    Intermediate (22 - 30 years)         No joining Fee*    Annual Fee £1019**    
    *On reaching the age of 30 the member will be asked to pay the ?joining fee less £10% for each year of membership.
    •    Full Playing Member             Joining Fee £750      Annual Fee £1019**
    •    Associate (min. 2 persons)        No Joining Fee     £100 per month

    ** Does not include county fees

    Bar Loyalty Discount Scheme “Club card”
    £100 charged on joining, which will give you £105 credit for the bar and restaurant.
    The club card can be topped up at any time and any such ‘top-ups’ will have a 5% incentive added.

    Joint joining fee
    A reduced joining fee (buy one get one free) is offered to couples when joining at the same time.
    Spouses of current playing members are welcome to take up full playing membership with no joining fee.

    We offer various payment options for your annual fees including a direct debit facility. Please contact us directly to discuss the various options.

    Social Membership

    The Partner or Spouse of any full playing member of Royal Guernsey Golf Club is now welcome to apply for free social membership. Partner or Spouse is defined as person the playing member is co-habiting with. Free membership is available for as long as one of the couple is a Full Playing Member as defined in the rules of the club. Apply here.

    Otherwise Social Membership is available at £150 per year (plus £100 club card as detailed above). Download an Application form here