Tee Reservations

Date Competition 1st Tee Reserved No starting from the 10th
Tuesday 30th April Falle Cup & Le Quesne Bichard 7.30am-10.00am 9.00am-11.30am      
Wednesday 1st May Elite Foursomes 4.15pm-5.10pm 5.45pm-6.40pm      
Thursday 2nd May Senior & Junior Cups 7.00am-5.15pm 8.30am-6.45pm      
Friday 3rd May Elite Foursomes 4.15pm-5.00pm 5.45pm-6.30pm      
Saturday 4th May Piccadilly & Brymay 7.15am-3.15pm 8.45am-4.45am
Tuesday 7th May Challenge Trophy 7.30am-11.00amBetween 1.00pm & 4.30pm the tee is openbut ladies' matches have priority 9.00am-12.30pm
Wednesday 8th May Braye Du Valle 10.30am-5.15pm 12.00pm-6.45pm